How can I share a Nearpod lesson, video, or activity with another teacher?

Sharing your favorite Nearpod content with a colleague is easy Nearpod. Teachers can share lessons they've downloaded or created with another teacher through a set of simple steps.

With shared Nearpods teachers can:

  • Strengthen instructional consistency and collaboration across grade levels, subjects, or smaller groups
  • Save time creating lesson plans and activities 

Here's how:

Log onto Nearpod, select "My Library"


-Go above the lesson you would like to share. Select the three dots and choose Share.




 -A pop-up window will appear. Type in the email address for the user you want to share it with. 



Once in the sharing screen, you can easily share the student view of the lesson (via email, direct link, social media and embedded code). You can also share editable versions. Select “Share an editable copy” in order to add the lesson to your colleagues’ Nearpod library. Keep in mind that this creates a duplicate version. No changes made by your colleague to their version of the lesson will have an impact on your version of the lesson. 

Your colleague will receive an email with a link to accept the lesson and add it to their Library.


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