How to copy slides from one Nearpod lesson to another

When creating a Nearpod lesson, you may want to copy and paste slides from one lesson to another. You are able to duplicate an entire lesson, or you are able to copy and paste individual slides and activities.

Slides from Nearpod lessons that you've created can always be copy/pasted into other lessons. These slides can be pasted into any lesson, whether it is teacher-created or downloaded from Nearpod. However, slides from lessons downloaded from Nearpod can not be copy/pasted. If you want to combine a teacher-created lesson with a downloaded lesson, simply paste the slides from the teacher-created lesson into the downloaded lesson.

Here's how to copy and paste slides:

1. Edit the lesson whose slides you'd like to copy and go to edit it. Select the slides, copy them with your keyboard or the buttons above the slides. 

2. Go back to your My Library, and find the lesson you'd like to paste slides into. Then, click edit.

3.. Paste the slides there either with your keyboard or with the "Paste (Ctrl+V)" button. You can drag and drop them to rearrange their order. 

4. Once you're finished building your lesson, click "Save"

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