How do I allow my students to receive feedback during a Student-paced session?


Nearpod now allows students to receive instant feedback even in a Student-paced session!

To turn this feature on, please see the instructions below:

  • Log into
  • There should be a banner on the left that says enable this feature



  • Click the Screen_Shot_2017-06-20_at_10.25.25_AM.png on the right of "Show students Student-paced quiz results" to the on position (shown here): Screen_Shot_2017-06-20_at_10.26.11_AM.png





If you do not see the banner mentioned above, please follow these instructions:

  • Select the Silhouette icon (the head in a gray circle) your picture




  • Click on the gear wheel next to your name





  • Once in the Account Settings area, click the advanced tab and change the slider to on as shown:





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