How do I add PDF files to a Nearpod lesson?

There are three different ways to add PDF files to your presentation. To begin, select the presentation you want to edit from your Nearpod Library, or start a new presentation.


  1. Add a PDF file directly to the presentation as a series of slides or a single slide

You can drag and drop PDF files under 10MB directly into a Nearpod lesson.

  • From your computer, select the file (10 MB or less) that you want to add to your lesson.
  • Click, hold, and drag the file into the edit presentation window.  
  • Alternatively, you can select the UPLOAD FILES button to browse and select the PDF file from your local computer.


PDFs can appear within a lesson as multiple individual slides (where one Nearpod slide is created for each file)




or as a single scrolling slide (where the whole document appears within one Nearpod slide and students scroll through it at their own pace during a live lesson.)  




Importing as individual slides allows you to create interactive activities in between the images.


  • Once you have added the file, you will see a pop-up asking if you want to create a single PDF viewer or separate slides.



  • Select the option you prefer.
  • Wait for the files to upload to the presentation.


  1. Add a PDF file through the Add Slide menu
  • Select “Add Slide”, then “Add Content” and choose “PDF Viewer”




  1. Upload a PDF from a website address

In order to add a web-based PDF, please refer to our FAQ article "How can I share a website with my students"? here.




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