How can the Collaborate! boards be accessed in student-paced lessons?

In order for students to use the Collaborate! Activity in student-paced lessons, teachers need to enable this option under their advanced settings. To do that:


  • Log into
  • Select the Silhouette icon (the head in a gray circle or your picture)



  • Click on the gear wheel next to your name




  • From account view, select the advanced settings tab and push the slider to on, as shown here:



  • Keep in mind that after you enable this setting, you will need to launch a new lesson code to see it take effect. Also, teachers are not able to moderate or delete Collaborate! posts in student-paced lessons. Students will see each other’s posts immediately on the board while working at their own pace. Students will not see names attached to each post. Teachers can view the student names in the Reports view:





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