LTI 1.1 Blackboard

In this guide, you will learn how to: 

The Full Site Navigator acts as a portal to

The Direct Lesson Launcher links directly to a desired lesson from your library, where students can join without a lesson code. 

Both of these tools can be individually installed and used at any time from your Blackboard course content page. 


Generate Key and Secret

  1. Open and sign into your District or School admin account. 
  2. In the left navigation, select Manage Nearpod.  Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_10.34.35_AM.png
  3. In the left navigation, select LMS Integration Setup
  4. Under LTI 1.1 setup, click on Generate Key and Secret link
  5. Leave this window open to copy and paste the two items into Blackboard in the direction below.


Register Nearpod on Blackboard

  1. After logging into Blackboard, select the ‘System Admin’ button.Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_10.37.40_AM.png

  2. From this menu, select ‘LTI Tool Providers.Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_10.40.13_AM.png
  3. Select ‘Register Provider Domain.’Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_10.42.10_AM.png
  4. The provider domain is “”
  5. The secondary hostname is “”Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_10.58.16_AM.png
  6. In the next section, make the default configuration ‘Set globally’Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_10.59.30_AM.png
  7. Add the Key and Secret that was previously generated through the Nearpod account.
  8. Finally, ‘Send user data over any connection’ and select all the available fields to send; then hit submit.



Add Nearpod Content Tools

Now that is a registered LTI Tool Provider, you have the option to add two different Nearpod Content Tools: Full Site Navigator and Direct Lesson Launcher.

In order to install both Nearpod content tools, you will have to do the above steps twice, once for each tool.

  1. To create either Nearpod content tool, find ‘’ and click the dropdown arrow.Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.07.21_AM.png
  2. From the menu, select ‘Manage Placements.’Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.10.40_AM.png
  3. Next, click ‘Create Placement.’Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.13.56_AM.png
  4. Name your Label and Handle according to the desired Nearpod content tool.Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.15.46_AM.png
  5. For full site navigator, select ‘Course content tool.’Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.17.27_AM.png
  6. Only for Direct Lesson Launcher, also select ‘Supports deep linking.’Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.19.01_AM.png
  7. For both tools, the Tool Provider URL is:
  8. In order to have both tools, you will need to create two separate placements.Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.21.18_AM.png


How to use the Nearpod Full Site Navigator

  1. Within your course, select ‘Content.’Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.26.30_AM.png
  2. Under Build Content, find the Nearpod Full Site Navigator.Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.27.33_AM.png
  3. Choose a display name for your Full Site Navigator tool.Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.28.42_AM.png
  4. Make sure to select ‘Permit users to view this content’, and then ‘Submit.’Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.30.28_AM.png
  5. Your Nearpod Full Site Navigator should now appear under Course Content.Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.31.45_AM.png
  6. The first time you use the tool, sign in using your primary Nearpod account.
  7. From here, you will have full access to the Nearpod website!


How to use the Nearpod Direct Lesson Launcher

  1. Within your course, select ‘Content.’Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.34.21_AM.png
  2. Under Build Content, find the Nearpod Lesson Direct Link.Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.38.25_AM.png
  3. The first time you use the tool, sign in using your primary Nearpod account.
  4. Select a lesson directly from your library, and choose either ‘Live Lesson’ or ‘Student-Paced.’
  5. Your selected lessons should appear under Course Content.Screenshot_2023-06-02_at_11.40.22_AM.png


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