How to access post-session reports and student responses

Post-session reports allow teachers to access student responses from any Nearpod once the lesson, video, or activity is over. Reports contain student responses from Live, Student-Paced, or Live to Student-Paced sessions. Reports can be downloaded as a PDF or CSV and shared with colleagues.

With Nearpod's post-session reports teachers can:

  • Reflect on student understanding from a lesson, video, or activity to identify misconceptions and use data to inform the next day's lesson
  • Share lesson insights and data with an administrator, MTSS committee, or any intervention teacher to make data-driven decisions as a team

In this article you will learn:

Access reports

On the left toolbar of My Library you will find Reports


In Reports, select the lesson you would like to access.

Here you can edit the name of the report by selecting the pencil icon. The house icon to the right indicates that this was a Student-paced lesson. Select the name of the lesson to view the report.


Save and review reports

You can download the report, save it and look at how the group did in each activity.



You can select an activity, eg. Draw It, and see what your students responded.


Access Interactive Video reports

When students complete any interactive video activities, that data will be in the post-session reports.

If the interactive video is part of the lesson, you will see a tab for interactive video when you pull up the report that will show the data from those activities. You can click on each video and question name to see full details!



If the interactive video is stand alone, you'll see a summary of the open ended participation, mutiple choice participation and overall participation for each student. You then can click on the interactive video tab at the top to see more details.


Once you click on the interactive video tab you will see the questions associated with the interactive video. When you click on the name of each question you will see more detailed responses from your students. See below for examples of how you will see the data in the preview mode. Keep in mind you can also download as a PDF or a CSV file as shared above. 








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