Access post-session reports

Post-session reports allow teachers to access student responses from any Nearpod lesson, video, or activity. Reports contain student responses from Live or Student-Paced sessions. Reports can be viewed on the Nearpod platform or downloaded as a PDF or CSV and shared with colleagues.

With Nearpod's post-session reports teachers can:

  • Reflect on student understanding from a lesson, video, or activity to identify misconceptions and use data to inform the next day's lesson.
  • Share lesson insights and data with an administrator, MTSS committee, or any intervention teacher to make data-driven decisions as a team.

In this article you will learn how to:

Access reports

There are two ways to access post session reports in Nearpod. In the navigation toolbar on the left of your home page also known as My Lessons you will see Reports. Click on Reports to take you to all of your post session reports. 

Or hover over a single lesson and click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the lesson tile. Choose reports from the menu. This option will directly open all reports for that specific specific lesson. 


When the report page is open you will see a list of lessons. These are listed with the most recent at the top. Use the drop down arrow to open the lesson you would like to review. 


The far left column contains the lesson title. This is auto generated and includes the date and time the session was launched.

The title of the report can be edited by clicking the pencil in the far right column. You could label it by class, by group or whatever meets you organizational needs. 

In the middle 2 columns you will see the number of participants for each time the lesson launched and the mode in which the lesson was used. 

Click the title to open the Summary and Activity Report for that lesson. 


Review a summary of the lesson

When opening a report, there is detailed information about the overall lesson and general student data at a glance. 



  • Review the lesson statistics in the top left corner of the Report Summary. This includes the title, number of students, number of slides, the mode in which the lesson was shared and the code for that specific session. 
  • Additional viewing options are located in the top right corner. You can view the information in the Classic report format, download a PDF or CSV of the class report or individual student reports or email a PDF to a colleague. 
  • The summary page includes a list of the students who participated in the lesson. This list can be sorted by the first letter of the name used to join the lesson. Sorting options are A-Z or Z-A. Click the drop down arrow to sort. 


When viewing the Summary of the lesson there is additional information available regarding the Activities that were done during the lesson and how the class and individual students participated in those Activities. 


  • Each Activity that was used in the lesson is listed across the top of the Summary report. These are listed in the same order as they appeared in the Nearpod lesson. If an Activity occurred more than once in the lesson, each occurrence shows separately. 
  • A class average for each Activity is listed at the top of each column. 
  • Student participation for each Activity is indicated by a check mark or a dash. Participation is calculated on any input by the student.
  • Student scores for each Activity that can be scored is based on the percentage of correct responses. 
  • Using the drop down arrow next to the name of each Activity, the column can be sorted highest to lowest or lowest to highest scores. 
  • To drill down for additional details about student score or participation, click the blue "Report" option that shows above the Activity name when you hover over the title. 


Locate data from the Activity Report

There are two ways to view the in depth details of each Activity. The first was mentioned above. Hover over the name of the Activity at the top of the lesson summary and click Report. You can also go directly to the Activities instead of the Summary by choosing Activity Reports. Each Activity is broken down into similar sections. 


  • Directly below the Activity Reports option there is a drop down list of all the Activities from the lesson, again, listed in the order as they occurred in the lesson. Select the Activity you wish to analyze. 
  • The name of the Activity and the slide number is provided. All the way to the right there is an overall percentage for the class. This could be based on participation or based on a score depending on the Activity. Below the percentage is an indicator of which one is showing. 
  • The first piece of data you will see is overall response for the specific item. This will vary by Activity. 
  • Following that will be individual student responses. This information will also vary depending on the Activity being analyzed. 


View individual data in the Student Reports

A more individual view of the data is found in the Student Reports. Instead of choosing Summary or Activity Report as mentioned above, this time choose Student Reports. Each student report is broken down into similar sections. 


  • Directly below the Student Reports option there is a drop down with an alphabetic list (by first name) of all students from the lesson, each student reports page shows a single student.  Either choose the specific student from the list, or use the left and right arrows to navigate to the previous or next student. 
  • The name of the student and their overall participation is listed. 
  • Each activity indicates either "participated", "did no participate", or the score for that activity. To view more detailed information, click the drop down arrow and view the actual response for that activity. 


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