How do I create a Nearpod Lesson?


In your Nearpod Library, click on the top right corner where it says Create. Then select “Lesson” from the drop down menu.




Next, select “Add Slide”.




A new menu will appear. You can select between Add Content, Add Web Content and Add Activity. In Web content you can directly add a website URL to your lesson for your students to browse. Select the Slide Editor.



Here you can decide the layout of your slide and add text, video and images.


When you have finished creating your slides, you can click on save and go back to the menu. This time select “Add Activity”. You will see an array of different activities you can include in your lessons. Try adding a “Poll”.




First, write the you would like to ask your students and then the possible answers underneath. You can even add more options (up to 15 total)



Hit “Save” after you have completed the question and possible answers for this slide



At this point, you can select Preview to see how a student will see the lesson. Then, also in the bottom right, hit “Save & Exit”. A pop-up will appear where you can insert this lesson’s details, including grades and subject.




Once you finish creating a lesson, you can share it with your students through a CODE. This CODE will appear automatically when you launch the lesson. Decide if you want to launch as a live lesson (teacher-paced) or in student-paced mode. Your student will then enter the code on the Nearpod site or on the app.  

You can also find a detailed guide on the creation of lessons here.




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