How do I add websites and videos to my Nearpod lesson?


You can add web content and videos to your Nearpod presentation:


1. Login to with your account

2. Select My library


3. Once you are in your library, click Screen_Shot_2017-06-19_at_1.43.05_PM.png and then choose Screen_Shot_2017-06-19_at_1.44.23_PM.png.




4. After entering the presentation editor, choose Add Slide.



5. Select the Web content option in the middle.




6. Paste the desired URL into the presented field.




7. Click save and you are good to go for the web content slide.


*NOTE: You can now pause student devices when presenting slides that contain audio or video in a Live Lesson. When projecting the teacher dashboard, this makes it easier to manage bandwidth and prevent distractions that arise when the playing the same video or audio across many student devices simultaneously.





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