How do you generate a Nearpod CODE?

From your Nearpod Library, select the lesson you would like to launch, go over it and decide if you want to launch as a Live Lesson (teacher-paced) or in Student-paced mode.

1) Live Lessons allow the teacher to control the pace of the lesson displayed on the student's device

2) Student-paced mode allows students to navigate the lesson at their own pace

A pop-up will appear with the lesson’s CODE.

You can share this CODE through email, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Google+, Google Classroom or by sending the link directly. Your students can go to or the Nearpod App to join the lesson. You’re ready to begin teaching!

You can have multiple CODES active for the same lesson at the same time to use the same lesson for multiple classes. This will create different reports, helping you to keep all the results from one class together. Nearpod tip: Write down your active CODES so that you know which one belongs to each class.


Live Lesson CODES last for 15 days, while Student-Paced CODES last for 30 days since the last join. 

If your CODE expires, you can simply hover a lesson and select 'Live Lesson" or "Student-paced" to generate a new CODE.

Note: CODES reflect the date when the lesson was launched. This is the date that will appear in the Reports section. It does not reflect the date when your students first joined the lesson. 

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