Technical Requirements

Here are the suggested technical requirements for supporting Nearpod:

  • We recommend hardware equipment supporting 802.11 N and AC
  • Minimum WiFi requirement is equipment supporting 802.11 G
  • When setting up proxy rules, please consider that domains used by Nearpod (, nearpod.s3,,, may change IPs.
  • We suggest that the proxy server has at least 4GB of RAM on a dual core processor.
  • Nearpod supports unauthenticated proxies that are configured by the operating system and also supports DNS-based & DHCP distribution of PAC files.
  • Regarding the connection speed, a proxy with cache enabled can increase download speeds by more than 70%. Usually, a connection of 5Mb, 10Mb or 20Mb (megabit per second) can download 10 lessons simultaneously in less than 3, 1.20 or 0.40 minutes respectively.

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