How to download or print a copy of a Nearpod lesson

Printable copies of Nearpod lessons, videos, and activities are sometimes needed to share with students, parents, or colleagues within your school or district. Nearpod allows teachers to export Nearpods as PDF documents and download them directly to their drive before printing.

With PDF versions of Nearpods teachers can:

  • Share Nearpod content with students who are working offline
  • Keep Nearpod lessons for your own records
  • Share lesson plans with faculty, in PLCs, or with an administrator

Here's how to print a copy of your Nearpod:

1. Hover over the lesson in My Library. Then, click on the three dots in the upper right corner. 


2. Select Export PDF.


3. Save the PDF to either your Google Drive, or your Local Drive (straight to your desktop).


4. The PDF will now download to your computer or Google drive. Once you open the document, you will have the option to print.

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