I am an Admin, how do I add users to my account?


As an Admin user, you can add your instructors to your account in a few few different ways.


  • Click the silhouette on the top right or the Manage button on your Nearpod Home Screen:





Once you're inside the admin portal, you have two methods of adding users:

  • You can click the "+New User" option




  • On the popup that generates you can enter the users information. All fields are required:
    • Email - This will be their User ID
    • Password - They will keep their original password if they have an account
    • User type - Standard user or Admin (Manage others in the institution)
    • School - If you are a School Admin, this will auto-populate



  • If the user already exists, you will need to confirm you wish to invite them:




  • The second option is to use the Bulk Import tool:




  • This method allows for the creation or inviting of multiple users at once.
  • You can download the sample file in one of two locations:
    • The bottom of this article
    • The subsequent page after click the Bulk button



  • Both the Product and District Field will auto-populate.
  • Enter the School name, you can then drag or load your CSV (only valid file type).
  • The format is as shown:
    • Column A - First name
    • Column B - Last Name
    • Column C - Email



  • Depending on whether or not the user has an account, a few things will occur:
    • No account exists
      • The system will generate a password and display it in the respective column
      • Action Column will show "Create user"
    • User already has an account
      • Password will be unchanged
      • Action Column will show "Invite User"
    • User has already been added to the School
      • No change to account
      • Action Column will show "User already belongs to school. No action required."







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