What are the differences between Live Lesson and Student-paced sharing modes?

Nearpod allows you to launch lessons in two modes: Live Lesson or Student-paced.



Live lesson connects students with the teacher's device and creates an engaging learning experience. You will have access to a Teacher Dashboard where you will see which students have joined the lesson, what they reply to each interactive activity and you will be able to push the correct results of quizzes to their devices. 



Student-paced is self-paced and independent. The teacher receives all formative assessment data from each student in a Nearpod Report. Students can join a lesson anytime, from anywhere. To find out how to enable student feedback for student-paced session click here.


- Both modes generate a code for students to enter a Nearpod lesson.

- Live Lesson CODES last for 15 days.

- Student-paced CODES last for 30 days since the last join.



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