How do I edit a downloaded lesson?

If you download a free or paid lesson from the Nearpod Store, you can tailor it to fit the exact needs of your students! You can add more slides, activities and delete them.


We suggest that you first create a duplicate of the lesson so that you always have access to the unedited original. Otherwise, once you delete a slide you will lose it.

Go to your Nearpod Library, go above the lesson you'd like to duplicate. Select the three dots and select Duplicate. 


Once the lesson has been duplicated, you'll be able to edit it as any other lesson. You can add and delete any slides. You can change the lesson's name by selecting Settings next to the current name. For a guide on how to use the Slide Editor please go here.



Please note: You will not be able to change the content within slides, only add new and remove existing slides.

**Editing any paid lessons with cause the edited copy to count against your storage**




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