How do I use a promo code?

Once you are logged in to Nearpod, select the 'Explore' tab to see all the awesome ready-to-use lessons that you can purchase! 


Select the lesson(s) you'd like to purchase.


Add the lesson to your cart.


Once you have selected some lessons and added them to your cart, go to your cart to complete the transaction. Please type the promo code where it says "Apply promo code".

You will see a message telling you that the promo code was applied successfully. The Nearpod lesson(s) will appear in your Library following this transaction, or you will be directed to Paypal to pay any difference that the promo code did not cover.

Note: Please check the conditions associated with the code before you use it, as often you will only be able to use it once, for single lessons and there may be an expiration date.


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