How long do lesson CODES last and can they be extended?

CODE duration varies depending on how you launch the lesson. 

Live Lesson CODES last for 15 days.

Student-paced CODES last for 30 days since the last time someone joined the lesson. This means that if someone enters the CODE and join then it will be extended for an extra 30 days from that date. To extend the time frame, enter the code and it will be extended 30 additional days. 

If your CODE expires, hover a lesson and select 'Live Lesson' or 'Student-paced' to generate a new CODE.

Once you edit a lesson, its past CODES become invalid. You will need to launch the lesson after you finish editing it in order to create new, valid CODES.

Note: CODES reflect the date when the lesson was launched. This is the date that will appear in the Reports section. It does not reflect the date when your students first joined the lesson



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