How can I integrate Google Classroom with Nearpod?

With the click of a button, you can now share any Nearpod lesson with all of your students through Google classroom!  Watch how it works:



How to get started:

Launch a Nearpod lesson, then share it with your students via the Google Classroom button. It’s that simple!

After you launch an interactive lesson, Nearpod generates a 5 digit PIN with sharing options. Now, you can click the Classroom button to send the Nearpod lesson to your Class Page to share with your students. Students can then launch the lesson directly from Google Classroom in one click.

We will continue to work toward integrating Nearpod with widely used platforms to help teachers easily manage their teaching and organizational needs. In addition to Classroom, we have a number of other Google integrations, including:

  • Google Single Sign On
  • Access to Google Images and Google Drive when creating lessons
  • Student access to Google Images and Google Drive when submitting “Draw-It” activities
  • “Nearpodize This” Google Chrome extension to convert Google Slides lessons into Nearpod lessons
  • YouTube video sharing to student devices
  • PDFs lessons and post-session report export to Google Drive
  • Google Drive export for student notes
  • Chrome and Android Nearpod apps


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