Downgrading from a School and District Nearpod user to a Silver license


This article is about what happens when an educator is downgraded from a School or District license to a free Silver license. For more information about our license types, read this article.


Here's what happens when your account is downgraded:

Library storage:

  • Library storage will be reduced from Unlimited to 100 MB
  • Maximum lesson size will be reduced from 120MB (school)/ 160 MB (district) to 40 MB
  • Any lessons, videos, and activities in your account that exceed this limit will be archived in reverse-chronological order
  • If you upgrade to a license type with more storage in the future, these lessons will be restored

School and District Library:

  • School and District Library access will be removed

Premium Collections

  • If your school or district purchased access to Nearpod's Premium Collections, like Digital Citizenship & Literacy and Social & Emotional Learning, this access will be lost
  • Any lessons downloaded from these Collections will be archived
  • If in the future, access to these Collections is reinstated, the lessons will be restored

Premium Features

Administrative Features & Integrations

  • Administrative Features will be disabled, including adding/removing users, admin console to measure usage and the ability to distribute lessons across school/district using the school/district library
  • Classlink and Clever rostering will be disabled
  • Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, and Brightspace by D2L integrations will be disabled. 

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