How do I add a poll?

Nearpod allows you to create Poll activities that enable you as the instructor gauge opinions or gain insight into your session participants:


On the lesson you would like to edit--

Select “Add Slide”, then select “Add Activity”. 




You will see an array of different activities you can include in your lessons. Select add “Poll” by using the arrow button on the right.






Enter the question you would like to ask participants in the main large field near the top while the available responses can be entered in the smaller answer fields (in the image below, containing Yes and No)



Reference media can also be added via the "add reference" button to the right of the main field




As shown above, you can add more answers with the blue "+ Add Answer" button (up to 15 total)

Once you've added the Poll text with both questions and responses filled in, you can then choose whether you want participants to be able to select one or multiple choices via the settings button




After you've done that, click the 'save' to make sure the setting you chose is toggled and then finalize the activity with the 'save' button on the bottom right of the slide creation tool





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