How do I create homework assignments?

If you want to create a homework assignment for your students, you can launch a Student-paced lesson. Instead of launching your lesson as a live lesson, where you would have to be pacing the slides, you can let your students be on control of the pace, time, and place of the lesson.

In your Library, go over the lesson you would like to launch. The options “Live Lesson” and “Student-paced” will appear. Select the “Student-paced” mode. You will automatically see a pop-up with a code. Share that code with your students. They can type it onto from anywhere and do their homework. Note: Let them know they need to hit “Send” when they finish an activity.

To see who’s done the lesson go to the Reports section. You will be able to see which reports come from a student-paced lesson. Select the one you would like to see and just like in a live lesson’s report you will see your students names and their responses.

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