What is the network indicator and what does it do?

The network indicator is a tool that helps diagnosing the quality and health between your school network and Nearpod servers.

It is intended to facilitate troubleshooting in case you experience connectivity issues while using Nearpod.

Note: The Network Indicator does not tell if there is an active connection to the internet but whether the connection reaches Nearpod's servers do.

Depending on the platform (iOS, Web-app, Android) and version of the app you are running the network indicator position may vary. Look for this icon: Screen_Shot_2017-06-26_at_10.38.42_AM.png

In order too navigate to the Network indicator, please follow these instructions.



The Network Indicator has 3 main gauges to help with troubleshooting:

  • Account services: indicates the ability to login or sign up with Nearpod.
  • Content services: indicates the ability to download lessons
  • Sync services: indicates the ability to maintain synchronicity between teacher and students devices.


The indicator will also show if you have an active connection to the platform regardless of system performance (latency in milliseconds shown as "ms")



The numbers shown below the core Network Indicator displays the web-app version you are currently running (The numbers show below may not be current).





Note: If the Account and Content Services work fine but not Sync Services, you will be able to login, launch and download lessons, but won't be able to swipe and advance slides.

Many institutions have firewalls and filters in place to ensure that their networks
remain secure. If you are able to browse the web but Nearpod's Network Indicator is
red, there are two possibilities:

  • Nearpod is down: you may want to contact us or visit our community forum
  • Firewall is preventing Nearpod from working: you may want to check this entry to learn more. (Review attached Network Doc to fix this)


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