Adding a Nearpod lesson to Google Classroom

Nearpod now allows for you to integrate with Google classroom through our new Google Chrome Extension that you can download by clicking here



To get started, you will want to insure you have a Google education based account so that you can use Google Classroom and also download the Google Chrome Extension via the link above. You will also need to have signed up for a Nearpod account or have one already

Once you've done that, follow these steps to add a lesson:

1. Navigate to Google Classroom, select the class you want to add an assignment to, then click "Classwork" on the top middle.

2. Click on the "+ Create" button



3. Select the "Nearpod Assignment" option



4. If you are already logged in your Nearpod account, you can choose the desired lesson




5. The drafted assignment will appear as shown below. You will need to click into it to edit it.



6. Select "Edit Assignment"




7. You can then change the title, who it's available for, the points, due date, and topic. 

8. You can also decide to Assign it by clicking the "Assign" button on the bottom right or choose more options via the downward facing arrow next to it.




9. If you select the downward arrow next to the Assign button, you can select Assign, Schedule, or save draft to save it for later.





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