How to create Sub Plans with Nearpod

Nearpod's Sub Plans feature allows teachers to create substitute plans made up of Nearpod lessons, videos, and activities. Teachers can attach additional documents for subs and then easily share premade Nearpods. The Sub Plans feature streamlines the process of preparing for a sub and automatically generates lesson codes for the sub to share with students when a teacher is away. Your sub, or whoever is responsible for the plan, will get an email with the code, and instructions for how students need to join.


Nearpod's Sub Plans save time planning for an absence, collect data on student understanding while you're out, and keep students on track. With Sub Plans teachers can:

  • Provide pre-made Nearpod lessons from their library or use one of ours to save time preparing and planning content for a sub
  • Attach a document to Sub Plans with additional information on class management, schedules, and everything else a sub needs to know
  • Collect insights on student understanding while you're away so you know what misconceptions to address when you return


Your  Sub Plan will be made up of lessons from your library, so be sure to create or download the lessons you need before beginning. Once you have your lessons, it's time to create a Sub Plan.

Create your Sub Plan:

1. From your My Library page, click "Sub Plans" in the left sidebar


2. Click "New Sub Plan." You will be prompted to name your Sub Plan. Once you've named it, click "Create" 



3. Click "Add Lessons" to add Nearpod lessons from your library to your Sub Plan.



4. Search for and select the lessons you'd like to add to your Sub Plan. When you are finished selecting, click "Add"


5. You can add notes for the sub for each lesson, as well as choose how many classes will be completing this Nearpod, if multiple codes are needed.


6. Once you're finished creating your plan, click "Sub Plan Dashboard" to return to the dashboard and send your plan.


7. To send your plan, click "Send Sub Plan" and fill out the sub information so that instructions can be sent to the substitute, or to your school administrator.




The sub will receive an email with your plan. You can view student responses in your post-session reports.


Note: this feature is available to teachers using the Gold, Platinum, School, and District versions of Nearpod

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