Network connection tips

Network connection requirements

While we do not require any particular network type to access Nearpod, we recommend using the latest networking hardware available that has the capabilities to support the needed concurrent connections. Typically, 100 - 250kbps is a recommended minimum per student accessing the platform at one time.

Additionally, if you are exceeding the number of simultaneous connections for the access point, that can severely impact the response time of the Nearpod system and can sometimes result in a disconnect from the lesson.

Some other things to note regarding your Network 

Content services goes directly to Amazon Cloudfront CDN and does not pass through Nearpod's servers. If there is a problem here, there are two possibilities:

1) Amazon is down (possible but unlikely)
2) Software in the school network prevents Nearpod to reach the Amazon servers

Most often, the answer is option #2. Talk to your School IT Department to verify that they are not blocking any traffic to Amazon's Cloudfront CDN.

Verify that Nearpod works in a network outside your school

On your phone, make sure that you are not connected to the school's WIFI network. Use 4G/LTE on your carrier's network instead. The easiest way to do this is to disable your phone's WIFI. You can disable WIFI by going to iOS settings -> WIFI -> OFF. This will default your phone to your carrier's internet connection.

Open Nearpod and try to join a lesson (e.g. enter the CODE "MAGIC"). If Nearpod works, then the problem is on the school network trying to reach Nearpod servers. Talk to your School IT Department to verify that they are not blocking any traffic.

Check for iOS apps restrictions

Some schools have specific restriction policies to iPads/iPhones apps, assuming they will only be used by students. If the problem is that the iPad app will not work, but the web app [] does, there may something blocking iOS apps. In this instance, it would be best to speak to your School's IT technician or department to verify that they are not blocking any traffic.

Teacher vs Student networks

Confirm that the teacher's device and the students' devices are connected to the same network. Sometimes, schools provide one network for teachers and another one for students with different permissions and settings. Therefore the teacher app may work while students won't.



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