Nearpod Add-on for Google Slides FAQs

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  1. General Overview
  2. Lesson Creation
  3. Sharing + Collaborating
  4. Lesson Management


1. General Overview 

How-to Video:

Watch this quick video to learn more about the new Nearpod Add-on for Google Slides!



What is the Nearpod Add-on for Google Slides?

The Nearpod Add-on for Google Slides allows you to add in Nearpod’s interactive activities and features, directly within your Google Slides presentations. You can save your presentation to Nearpod and deliver the magic of Nearpod to your students. With this new add-on, you can easily create, edit and collaborate on new Nearpod lessons, all in Google Slides!


How can I access the Nearpod Add-on?

To access the Nearpod add-on, click to create a lesson in Google Slides when you are logged into Nearpod. From there, you will be redirected to Google Slides, where you will install the add-on under the “Add-ons” tab. Once installed, you can open the add-on and begin creating.


How does the Nearpod Add-on for Google Slides work?

With the Nearpod Add-on, you can add your favorite Nearpod activities and features directly within Google Slides. You will see a “placeholder” slide indicating where the activities and features will be in the lesson. Once you save the lesson and launch the lesson from Nearpod with your students, the interactive slides will come to life. You can edit the lesson directly within Google slides, and easily collaborate with other educators too!


What browsers and devices can I use this add-on with?

The Nearpod add-on for Google Slides is accessible on laptop or desktop devices. We recommend using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox as your web browser. If using Microsoft Edge, you must download the add-on manually and open the add-on using "document add-ons". At the moment, the add-on is unavailable when using Internet Explorer (IE11).


Why do I need to give Nearpod access to my Google account?

We require access to Drive files in order for you to have the capability to import your lesson as well as resources such as background images, reference media, videos, etc. To learn more, please click here.



2. Lesson Creation

Will all of the same Nearpod activities be available when using the Nearpod Add-on?

The first version of the add-on, will include the following activities: VR field trip, Open Ended Question, Draw It, Collaborate!, Poll, Quiz, Time to Climb, Web Content, and Video. The Nearpod Team is working hard to make sure you have access to all the activities that you love. We’ll be adding any activities you don’t see over time, and they’ll automatically update within the add-on. If needed, a temporary workaround is to duplicate the lesson while in Nearpod, and continue adding the additional activities within Nearpod. Please note that this workaround will not allow you to continue editing the lesson in Google Slides; you must continue editing this lesson in Nearpod, moving forward.


Will my transitions and animations in Google Slides be reflected in my Nearpod lesson?

At the moment, transitions and animations created in Google Slides, will not be reflected when delivering the lesson in Nearpod. We apologize for the inconvenience!


3. Sharing + Collaborating

Can I collaborate on a Nearpod <> Google lesson with other users?

Absolutely! You can collaborate on a Nearpod <> Google lesson by “sharing” the lesson within Google Slides. Please ensure that you allow the recipient to “edit” the lesson.


What happens when I share this lesson in Nearpod?

Sharing the lesson in Nearpod will be the same experience as before. This method shares the “Nearpod” version of the lesson. The lesson cannot be edited in Google Slides when shared via Nearpod.


What happens if the collaborator makes an edit to the presentation?

If a collaborator edits your presentation, you will see notifications within Nearpod and Google Slides that the lesson has unsynced changes. To sync the changes, open the Nearpod Add-on in Google Slides and click "Save & Go to Nearpod." This will bring your copy of the lesson up to date, and save the latest version within Nearpod.


What happens if I duplicate the lesson in Nearpod?

You can duplicate lessons in Nearpod when the lesson is saved. When duplicating, you will make a copy of the “Nearpod version” of the lesson. Because the lesson will be a “Nearpod version,” editing will occur within the Nearpod platform.


4. Lesson Management

What happens when I edit the lesson in Google Slides? Will my changes be reflected in Nearpod?

When editing a lesson in Google Slides, please make sure you click “Save & Go to Nearpod” before leaving. This will ensure that your lesson in Nearpod has the latest changes synced. If you do not click “Save & Go to Nearpod,” your lesson will be “unsaved.” When a lesson is “unsaved,” you cannot launch the lesson to your students.


What happens to my lessons in Nearpod that include slides imported from Google Slides?

Lessons created with imported Google Slides will function as they previously had. You cannot edit these slides in Google Slides unless you create a new Nearpod lesson using the add-on for that presentation in Google Slides.

Can lessons downloaded from the Nearpod Lesson Library be edited in Google Slides?

At the moment, lessons downloaded from the Nearpod Lesson Library can only be edited within Nearpod.


Can I access my lessons created in Google Slides from the iOS app?

To manage and edit your lessons created from Google slides using the Nearpod add-on, please use a desktop or laptop via the browser.

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