How can I add my own VR content?

Nearpod has a full collection of standards-aligned virtual reality (VR) Lessons already created. The VR feature allows you to choose from over 350,000 virtual reality experiences. However, there may be times when you want use a 360 video that is not found in Nearpod.



Step 1: Add your own

There are lots of fancy ways to create a virtual reality experience with high-tech panoramic gear. If you create a 360 Video, locate the shareable link option and continue with the steps below.

Or you can find VR360 videos on the internet. Find and preview the one(s) that are connected to your learning needs. Locate the sharable link and continue with the steps below.  


Step 2: Copy the URL

Copy the shareable links from either options above.  This is the link you will share using Web Content in Nearpod.


Step 3: Add the URL into Nearpod

When editing a Nearpod lesson, click "Add Content and Activities"


Select the "Add Web Content" option from the Interactive section of the menu.



Enter the URL you copied from step twoand then click the save button on the bottom right.



The possibilities are endless when bringing virtual reality experiences to the classroom and now you have the Nearpod skills to do so!








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