How can I create my own VR content?

Nearpod has a full collection of standards-aligned virtual reality (VR) Lessons already created. The VR feature allows you to choose from over 350,000 virtual reality experiences. However, there may be times when you want to take your students on a trip to the community playground, local high school, or to the neighborhood grocery store.



Step 1: Download and Snap

There are lots of fancy ways to create a virtual reality experience with high-tech panoramic gear. However, one of the best ways is to use a cellphone and download the free Google Street View App. 

Download the Google Street View App and open the camera option. Find a stationary spot and start capturing photo snapshots in a 360 motion, up, down, all around. Point your camera at the dots in the app as a guide.



Step 2: Copy the URL

Once the entire space has been captured on your phone, publish the VR on the Google Streetview App to get the URL. This is the link you will share using Web Content in Nearpod.


Step 3: Add the URL into Nearpod

When creating a new lesson, click "Add slide"




Select the "Add Web Content" option




Enter the URL you received from your 360 image creator (Google street view, 360cities, etc..) and then click the save button on the bottom right.





The possibilities are endless when bringing virtual reality experiences to the classroom and now you have the Nearpod skills to do so!








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