Understanding Google account permissions within Nearpod

This article helps explain Google account permissions within Nearpod and why they are needed.


When you want to upload files from your Google Drive:



What does this mean?

When you click to upload files from your Google Drive account, Nearpod needs permission to access your account, and add your files into your Nearpod lesson. Upon your approval, we’re able to open your drive so that you can view all of your files and then upload your file of choice.  This will appear when attempting to add in your Google Slides presentations, images, videos, or any other files from your Google Drive.


When your students choose to save their notes to Google Drive:



What does this mean?

Students have the ability to save their student notes to their Google Drive. In order to do so, we request access to view and manage their files and folders, so that we can give students the flexibility of organizing their notes in a location within their Google Drive that works best for them and so that we can create the file for them within Google Drive.


When you click to create a lesson in Google Slides via Nearpod: 



What does this mean?

When you click to create a presentation in Google Slides from Nearpod, we need your permission to create a presentation for you, so that you can have the Nearpod add-on ready for you to open. With your permission, we will be able to add the Nearpod activities to your presentation and save your slides for you to later deliver them to your students.


When you install and open the Nearpod add-on within Google Slides:



What does this mean?

When opening the Nearpod add-on from Google Slides, we need your permission to open the add-on within your Google Slides, access your Google Drive files to import your resources as needed, and transfer your Google Content into Nearpod presentations. This will allow you to bring in your own content and then deliver that content through Nearpod. 


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