How to use Nearpod’s Beta Integration with Microsoft’s Immersive Reader

Nearpod's integration with Immersive Reader allows students to access text accommodations, including text-to-speech, translation, and more, within a Nearpod lesson. When this feature is enabled, students can use Immersive Reader on most Nearpod activities, along with text on slides created within Nearpod or made with the Google Slides add-on. 

Here's how: 

In order to get started, users must enable the feature in their advanced settings. Enabling this feature will grant access to every student on:

- Open Ended Question

- Quiz

- Poll

- Draw-It

- Matching Pairs

- Nearpod created slides

- Slides saved via the Nearpod add-on in Google Slides

- Activities (Mulitple Choice & Open Ended Question) within Nearpod's Interactive Video




What to expect on each slide/activity:

- Open Ended Question, Poll, or Draw-It: Microsoft’s Immersive Reader will capture the text in the instructions.

- Matching Pairs: Students can use Immersive Reader for the instructions and the individual cards (when expanded). 

- Quiz/ Multiple Choice: Microsoft's Immersive Reader will capture the text from both the question and answers. 

- Nearpod created slides and Google Slides (via the add-on): Students will be able to manipulate any text added to the slide.


We’re excited for you all to try it out, and cannot wait to learn from your experiences.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please reach out to our Support Team.

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