Live View of Draw It Student Responses

When facilitating a Draw It activity within a ‘live’ Nearpod lesson, you can now view your students’ Draw It responses in real time! As your students are responding to the Draw It instructions, you will be able to see their work, prior to submitting the answers. Check out our frequently asked questions below.



Does this work on all devices?

Yes, this feature will work on all devices, when using the browser.

Will this feature work when using the iOS app?

As of right now, this feature will only work when using the browser. The teacher will only be able to see the live updates when using the browser. Otherwise, the teacher will see students’ responses upon submission. If the teacher is using the browser, and a student is using the iOS app, then the teacher will see that students’ response upon submission. Students must be using the browser as well.

How will I know if my students submitted a response or if they are still working?

As soon as your students start interacting with the Draw It activity, their name within their Draw It thumbnail will change to yellow and will show “In Progress…” and you will see their work in real time. Upon submitting their response, their name will change to green and will show “Submitted” in addition to their work.

What happens if a student edits their response?

When a student submits a Draw It response and then edits their submission (learn more here), their name under the submission will go from green to yellow, and will change from “Submitted” to “In Progress…”.

Will students’ answers still be auto-submitted with this new feature?

Yes, students’ answers will continue to be auto-submitted to the instructor, if they forget to submit their response.



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