Nearpod + Zoom Integration


With our Nearpod + Zoom integration, teachers will have all the functionality of Zoom and Nearpod, with the additional ease of students joining a Zoom and Nearpod lesson at the same time through a single link.

This feature is best supported on on the web browser. Our iOS apps are not supported.  



  • The Nearpod Live Participation + Zoom integration comes pre-installed on Silver, Gold, and Platinum accounts (individual teacher accounts)
  • For School, District and Higher Ed accounts, account admins, account CSMs or Nearpod Support can facilitate the installation, which takes place for the whole school or district for all users.  Please reach out to if you have any questions.


  • Prerequisites
    • As an educator, you must have a Zoom account, and the Zoom app installed on your desktop; if you do not have a Zoom account or the Zoom app installed, you will be prompted to create an account and/or install the Zoom app
    • Students do not need to have a Zoom account, but they may be prompted to install the app
  • To launch a Nearpod with Zoom, simply hover over the lesson you want to teach and click on the “Live Participation” button on the lesson 


  • Toggle the "Launch Zoom Meeting" to "on"


  • Click on “Create Zoom” to connect your Zoom account and launch your Zoom session


  • Share the link or code with your students the way that you typically do so that they can join the lesson. As they join, they will be added to your Zoom waiting room, and you will need to approve them before they join the Zoom.
  • Students join the Nearpod lesson the way they typically do. Upon joining a Nearpod lesson with Zoom, students will see the following and will click on “Join Your Zoom Meeting” to join the session. They will wait in a waiting room until the teacher approves their entry into the session


  • Once the student is in a Nearpod lesson, if they disconnect from the Zoom session, they’ll be able to relaunch the Zoom session by clicking on the drop-down on the top right of the screen of the Nearpod lesson. You may need to approve them from the waiting room again.



  • 1. Log into your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
  • 2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Nearpod app
  • 3. Click the Nearpod app
  • 4. Click Uninstall


  • Do teachers need a Zoom account to use this feature?
      • As a teacher, yes, you need a Zoom account to use this feature
  • Can I use the Zoom app if I have a free Zoom account? 
      • Yes. Any limitations currently in place for free Zoom accounts will apply to your Zoom sessions linked to Nearpods (for example, your Zoom sessions may last up to 40 minutes)
  • Do students need a Zoom account?
      • Students do not need a Zoom account
  • Do students need to download the Zoom app to join Live Participation + Zoom? 
      • It may be possible for students to join a Nearpod lesson with Zoom without downloading the Zoom app, but it may take several clicks for them to be able to access 
  • If students don’t need Zoom accounts, what name will show up when they join Zoom? 
      • The same name that the student entered in the “Name” field when they joined the Live Nearpod, if they have the Zoom app installed
      • If the student does not have the Zoom app installed and chooses to launch Zoom via the browser, they will be asked by Zoom to enter their name. 
  • What devices can I use Nearpod Live Participation + Zoom with?
      • Teachers: Nearpod + Zoom is supported on computers, and we recommend using the Chrome browser. This feature is not currently supported on the teacher side of our iOS apps.
      • Students: The best experience is to join from a browser on a computer. Students with the Zoom app installed on their mobile devices may be able to join Live Participation + Zoom if they join from, not from our mobile apps. Note that on mobile devices, students will have to toggle back and forth between Nearpod and the Zoom app. This should not impact the student’s ability to listen to the audio coming over Zoom, but the student’s camera will be off while they’re outside the Zoom app, and their microphone may be muted.
  • What are the security features of Nearpod + Zoom lessons?
      • All Zoom sessions generated through Nearpod are password-protected, and have a waiting room enabled - and teachers will be able to approve students as they join the Zoom session
      • The link to the Zoom session is not visible until after a student joins the Nearpod + Zoom
  • Will my student be asked to enter a password to join the Zoom session?
      • The student should not need to enter a password, but if they’re asked for one, the password will be the 5-digit Nearpod lesson code
  • Can my students join Nearpod + Zoom lessons on mobile devices?
      • Nearpod + Zoom works best on web. However, users may be able to join through their mobile devices
      • Students will need to toggle between the Nearpod session and the Zoom app 
      • While on the Nearpod app, students will be able to hear the audio from the Zoom app, but their video will be paused
  • I can’t authorize the Zoom app. What should I do? 



  • Request pre-approval. Your organization’s Zoom admin will see requests for pre-approvals in the “App Requests” tab of “My Admin Dashboard”




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