Finding Lessons and Videos in the Nearpod Library

Easily access ready-to-run lessons aligned to state standards for every subject and grade level. In the Nearpod Library, you'll find 8,500+ high-quality, interactive lessons, and videos that can be customized to fit the unique needs of your students.

In this article, you'll learn how to find and filter lessons and videos by Standards, Subject, Grade Level, Resource type, or keyword. Let's get started!

To get to the Nearpod Library, select Nearpod Library from the navigation toolbar or the Explore the Nearpod Library icon.


Search for lessons, videos, or activities*

To filter by resource type, check the Lessons or Videos box. If you'd like to see both lessons and videos, you can leave the boxes blank. 

Note: In some accounts, you'll also see an option for activities under the search bar.


Search by topic, standard, or grade and subject

Search for what you need! In the left-hand navigation bar, you can narrow your search by standard, subject, and grade level. In the search bar at the top of the page, you can type in keywords (Ex: "Fractions" or "Verbs") to see lessons related to that topic.


Preview and save

See a lesson you like? Click on the lesson to preview it. Navigate through the lesson using the blue arrow. You can also click Info at the bottom of the lesson to read a short description of the lesson.

When you've found a lesson you'd like to teach or customize, click My Library to save the lesson to your library.


You did it! From your Library, you'll be able to edit the lesson or video, then launch a code for students to participate in your interactive lesson.

Video Preview

For videos only, you can take a shortcut with the Teach button. Clicking the Teach button from the preview screen will allow you to immediately launch the video in Live, Student Paced, or Front of Class mode. You have the option to download a video transcript and a list of the embedded questions. When you click the Teach button, the video will also be added to your personal Library when you click the teach button, in case you want to revisit or edit it later.




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