Search for lessons, videos, and activities in Nearpod

The Nearpod Lesson Library provides thousands of pre-made standards-aligned lessons, videos, and activities from trusted educational publishers. The search function makes is quick and easy to access ll the content in the platform. After finding the resources to best meet their need, teachers can download and customize pre-made content from the Nearpod Library to use with their students. 

In this article, you'll learn how to


Search by keyword from anywhere in the platform.


From any screen in Nearpod, you will find a search box at the top of your screen. You can start searching for resources by typing in your key word. Suggestions to refine your search will immediately begin to show on your screen.

Narrow your initial search to specific sections of Nearpod using the drop down box to the left of the key word. Choose All, My Lessons, or choose from other Nearpod Programs you may have in your account.

Search results will be shown and divided by type of resource and location of the resource to provide a more efficient way to preview those resources.

Narrow your results even further by adding a subject and or grade filter. 


When previewing the resources, hover your mouse over a lesson to read a brief description. Choose preview to learn more or choose Add to My Lesson to add to your lesson library.



Browse by category through curated Nearpod lessons in the Nearpod Library.

Go to the Nearpod Library to browse for lessons when you don't have a specific key word or just want to see what is available. From your Nearpod Home screen, also known as "My Lessons" you have two options to access the Nearpod library. 


Select a category from the options listed across the top of the lessons. 


  • Featured: The latest additions or updated lessons. 
  • Grade: Choose the grade that works best for your students' learning needs. Resources available for Kindergarten through Higher Education
  • Subject: Browse lessons by subject especially when the content to be learned is more important than the grade level listed on the lesson. 
  • Content Types: narrow you search to either just Videos, Activities or Lessons.
  • Publishers: Browse the many publishers that partner with Nearpod to bring their very best lessons. Find a publisher you know or explore lessons from a new one.
  • Premium Collections: Explore lessons available from our *premium collections including Flocabulary Video Pack, College and Career Exploration, Digital Citizenship & Literacy, Social & Emotional Learning, English Learners, Historical Perspectives & Literacy and Learning Labs

*Premium collections available with specific school or district accounts.


See a lesson you like? Hover over the lesson to read a brief description. Choose Preview to learn more or choose Add to My Lesson to add to your lesson library. In preview mode, navigate through the lesson using the blue arrows. You can also click Info at the bottom of the lesson to read a short description of the lesson.

When you've found a lesson you'd like to teach or customize, click My Library to save the lesson to your library.

Preview videos

For videos only, you can take a shortcut with the Teach button. Clicking the Teach button from the preview screen will allow you to immediately launch the video in Live, Student Paced, or Front of Class mode. You have the option to download a video transcript and a list of the embedded questions. When you click the Teach button, the video will also be added to your personal Library when you click the teach button, in case you want to revisit or edit it later.




Filter by national or state standards from the Nearpod Library.

Lessons and resources in Nearpod are aligned to national and state standards. If you know exactly the skill your students need to focus on to make progress toward mastery then searching by standards is going to make finding lessons so much easier. The option to filter by standards is available when searching by keyword or from the Nearpod Lesson Library. 



Choose the blue Filter by Standards option. 

    1. Choose your standard or state.
    2. Choose your subject. This is limited to the four core subjects.
    3. Choose the grade. The lessons will begin to show up for as soon as you make your last selection. 
    4. Additionally, you can narrow your search even further by selected a specific strand as part of your filter. 


You did it! With these lesson now in your lesson library, you'll be able to edit them if needed or simply launch a code for students to participate in the learning. 






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