Teach in Front of Class mode with Nearpod

Front of Class mode allows teachers to project an interactive video even when students aren't joining from their devices. Instead, teachers add questions to the video to use for pre-determined checks for understanding.

Front of Class mode provides a way for teachers to use Nearpod as a presentation tool and remind them of pre-determined discussion prompts. With Front of Class mode teachers can:

  • Allow students to record their answers in any method from pre-made questions built into the video 
  • Present a video as a class and stop to discuss key instructional moments using premade questions without the distraction of devices

Launch a Nearpod in Front of Class mode

First, select Front of Class and invite students to watch your screen.  Students will not need a code or device to participate. Select Yes or No to turn on or off Interactive Mode.


Next, select the play button and the video will begin. The video will pause at each blue dot and an Open-Ended Question or Multiple Choice Question will be shared to the class.  Have a discussion for a deeper exploration of topics. Select the play button again when you are ready to continue watching the video.




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