How students join a lesson or video

Students can join a Nearpod lesson from any device with a browser. There's also an iOS app and an Android app to make it even easier for students to join! You can also push out a lesson through your learning management system, Google Classroom, Teams, or simply by sharing a web link. Students don't need any login information besides the five letter code. 

This article explains how you can launch the lesson with your students. 

Joining with a code

Students should navigate to, or open the Android or iOS app, and enter the five character code provided by the teacher.


Entering the lesson

Once students enter the code or click on a link to join a lesson, they'll see the screen below and enter their name to join the lesson. 

Note: If you turn on student name validation, students will be prompted to join via Google or Microsoft Single Sign-On 


Joining from a link or an LMS

If your students are joining from an LMS, like Canvas or Schoology, Google Classroom, or Teams, or if a link is shared in another way, students will simply click on the link and be brought into the lesson.

Watch this video on how to join a lesson, or share it with your students!





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