Create an Interactive Video

Interactive video allows teachers to embed formative assessments at predetermined stopping points in a video. Teachers can embed a Multiple-Choice Question or Open-Ended Question in any video they add from YouTube, upload on their own, or use from the Nearpod library. 


Take video instruction from passive to active whether you're teaching in-person or virtually. With Nearpod's Interactive Video teachers can:

Create an interactive video experience

Add a video to any Nearpod lesson that will be an active learning experience. Use Open Ended Questions and Multiple Choice questions to check for student understanding at key points during the video. Upload your favorite videos, find one from YouTube, or use Nearpod's video library with thousands of K-12 standards-aligned interactive videos from trusted educational publishers and brands

 1. To add an interactive video to any Nearpod lesson. Select Video from the Media and Activity Selector available when you click Add Content and Activities. 


2. When choosing your video to add to the lesson, there are 4 different options. Video Library*, YouTube, My Videos and Upload a Video. 

Choose where your video is found and select or upload your video. 

video_library.jpg from_Youtube.jpgmy_video.jpg  upload_video.jpg

3. After you have selected or uploaded the video, a video editing window will open. You can add Open Ended Questions or Multiple Choices questions and/or you can edit or delete any questions that are already embedded in the video. Those videos from the Nearpod Video Library will have questions already embedded at key places through out the video. 



Use Interactive Video from the front of the room

Transform a classroom video into an engaging experience to prompt student discussion and reflection as a front of class experience. This is useful when student devices are not available or the learning needs to be whole group but the teacher still wants to take advantage of the video pausing for discussion. 

To have the option to use the video from the front of the room the creation process starts specifically as a video lesson, not as a general Nearpod lessons. 


This will open to the Video Library and then the process is the shown above for adding video to a lesson. Choose your video, add or edit your questions and save. 

A video created this will will have a third option for launching to students. All three options can be used for a Video lesson created using the Video option. 

All other lessons that include a video as part of a bigger lesson can be launched with Live Participation or Student-Paced. Explore this article to learn more about how to Launch a Nearpod lesson, video, or activity.

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