How to use Nearpod with Google Meet

As a teacher, you can invite students to access your Nearpod lesson using Google Meet

This tool is great for teachers who need a virtual conference platform for distance learning.

This allows students to join your class via Google Meet, while participating in your Nearpod lesson simultaneously. Here is how to get started. 

1. Go to followed by selecting "Join or start a meeting"


2. Create a code to start the meeting followed by selecting "Continue". Students can input the same code to join. 


3. Share your screen, and invite students to join your Google Meet


4. In another tab while sharing your screen, provide the Nearpod lesson code. You can provide the code on your shared screen, or send a link to the lesson as well.


This will allow students to complete the Nearpod lesson while participating in class lead by one of the greatest teachers on the planet...YOU!


If you have any further questions, please check out our Nearpod FAQs page, email us at send us a chat, or give us a call!

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