How to manage or customize your Nearpod lesson settings

Nearpod's lesson settings help teachers customize the experience their students have when engaging with Nearpod lessons, videos, and activities. 

Teachers customize student experiences in Nearpod with text-to-speech accommodations, note taking features, and more. With Nearpod's lesson settings teachers can: 

  • Require student name verification to ensure students are practicing appropriate digital citizenship skills in the classroom
  • Allow students to practice effective note taking skills during any Nearpod lesson, video, or activity with Nearpod's Student Notes feature
  • Access text-to-speech, translation, and additional text features for struggling readers when they enable Microsoft's Immersive Reader
  • Default to Student View to allow student view to be what shows when an activity is showing in a Iive lesson. The option to switch to teacher view is built into the lesson if needed. 
  • Allow students to resubmit answers in Live Participation mode
  • Require student submissions in Student-Paced mode to ensure you hear from every student on every question in any classroom setting
  • Share results from a Quiz or Multiple-Choice Question with students during asynchronous learning with Student-Paced mode 
  • Enhance student-centered classroom discussions with Collaborate Board for Student-Paced lessons

Here's how to adjust these settings:

Find your lesson settings

1. Click on the avatar in the upper right corner when you're logged into your Nearpod account, then click on "Lesson Settings".


2. From here you will see all of your setting options and be able to toggle them on and off as you wish.


Enable or disable settings

Once you're in your lesson settings, use the On/Off toggle to enable or disable settings. There's no need to save; once you enable the setting, you're all set!                       




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