How to add Nearpod users as a District Administrator


As a Nearpod District Administrator, you can add users to your Nearpod District account in the admin portal.

Step 1: Navigate to your admin portal

  • Log in to your Nearpod account
  • Once you are in, click on the "Manage District" in the grey toolbar to the left of the screen. 


 Step 2: Enter the Manager Users section

Once you are inside the admin portal, click "Manage Users" in the grey toolbar so that it is highlighted blue.

Within the Manager Users section, there are two ways you can add users to your Nearpod account. Both are located on the right corner of the screen.

  • Bulk Upload allows you to add many teachers at once using a CSV file
  • +New User allows you to add teachers to the account individually


Step 3: Adding users

Adding users individually

When you click on the +New User button, there will be a popup generated where you can enter the user's information. All fields are required:

  • Email: This will be their User ID
  • Password: They will keep their original password if they have an account
  • User type: User or Admin (Manage others in the institution)
  • School: Select which school in the district the new user should be added to


If the user already exists, you will need to confirm you wish to invite them:


Adding users by Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload Step 1: Enter the Bulk Upload tool

When you click on the Bulk Upload tool, you will be able to create or invite multiple users at one time. Note: You can download a sample CSV to ensure correct formatting by clicking "Download Sample CSV File"



Bulk Upload Step 2: Prepare your user list

The CSV template will require you to input your users' first name, last name, and email address. Be sure to use the school email addresses that users should log in with.


Note: During a Bulk Upload, if you select the "Multiple Schools" option under the "School" box, you will be able to add users to multiple schools at once using the school codes. To obtain your individual school codes, please reach out to your Nearpod Customer Success Manager. As an additional option, your CSM can upload teachers on your behalf.


Bulk Upload Step 3: Import your CSV

Once you have your CSV ready and saved, upload it to the Bulk import tool by dragging and dropping or clicking "Browse my files" to upload the CSV. Click "Next" on the Bulk import tool to add your users. The next screen you will see is a full list of your users. Verify all the names and email addresses are correct. Once completed, click "Import" to finish adding your users.


Bulk Upload: Understanding the Action Column

When completing a Bulk Upload, the Action column on the far right tells you what action will be taken for each user through your Bulk Upload. The action taken depends on the user's current account status. Here's what each action means:

  • Create User
    • The user did not have an account associated with their email
    • The system will generate a password and display it in the password column
    • User will receive an email notifying them that a Nearpod account has been created for them within the school
  • Invite User
    • The user has an existing Nearpod account, and your Bulk Upload will add their existing account to the school account
    • Password will be unchanged
    • User will not lose any of the lessons, videos, reports, or materials in their account
    • The user will receive an email notifying them that their Nearpod account has been added to your school
  • User already belongs to school
    • No change to account 


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