Canvas - Log in to Nearpod through Canvas

Now that you have added the Nearpod app to your Canvas account, the next step in integrating Nearpod and Canvas would be logging in to your Nearpod account. 


It's important to follow this process, as it helps make creating and sharing lessons less of a hassle when you can see everything on your Canvas profile. Take a look at how it's done below!


1. Open a new tab and go to your school's Canvas page, followed by logging into your Canvas account.



2. Open a course by selecting "Start a New Course" in the top right-hand corner of your

Canvas Dashboard, followed by naming your course (if you haven't already)



 3. Click "Nearpod" in the left sidebar



4. Read the Canvas notification and select "Yes I understand



5. Log In to Nearpod using single sign-on (SSO) or your username/password. You will only have to sign in to Nearpod through Canvas once. 

Also note, please make sure you log in to Nearpod with the email address associated with your school/district Nearpod account.


You have now officially integrated Nearpod and Canvas. Happy teaching!


If you have any further questions, please check out our Nearpod FAQs page,

email us at send us a chat, or give us a call!


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