Nearpod's content and activity features

In Nearpod teachers can make interactive slides presentations, interactive videos, and games & activities. Teachers access 20+ formative assessment and dynamic media experiences to make any classroom activity or lesson interactive. 

When teachers make activities and lessons interactive with Nearpod they can:

  • Visualize and support student understanding with data and insights to guide instruction and improve student outcomes
  • Create and deliver lessons with interactive slides, interactive videos, gamification & activities - and do it all in one place
  • Focus on teaching and not just searching for resources with the standards-aligned resources and content in the Nearpod library
  • Connect with the tools you're already using because it all works in Nearpod

When building your Nearpod you can access each formative assessment and dynamic media feature through the Content and Activities menu.

  • Nearpod Content features allow you to push rich media content out to students through your lesson.
  • Nearpod Activities allow you to collect responses from your students that will be reflected in your lesson's post-session report.

Nearpod's content and activity features

With Nearpod's content and activity features, you can represent information and check understanding in a variety of ways. Click on each icon to learn more about the feature.

Media Options


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot



cards-8.png cards-9.png cards-11.png cards-13.png
cards-14.png cards-15.png cards-10.png cards-12.png

*Flocabulary Video with school/district license to Flocabulary                

*Brain Breaks with district license to 21st Century Program  


Activity options

Quizzes & Games

cards-16.png cards-17.png cards-18.png cards-19.png
cards-20.png cards-21.png cards-22.png  

* Drag & Drop available with paid license.


cards-23.png cards-24.png cards-25.png cards-26.png

* Flip account required to create a video answer option.

Math Manipulatives 

cards-28.png cards-29.png cards-30.png cards-27.png

* Math Manipulatives available with Nearpod Math school or district license.

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