Launching a lesson with your students

Once you've created or downloaded a lesson, you can share it with your students! There are three ways to launch a Nearpod lesson. Once you launch the lesson, you can share a code or a link with your students, or push out through a learning management system. For Front of Class mode, students do not need to join.

You even can launch multiple CODEs of the same lesson, so that each class period or group of students has their own version of the lesson.

The three lesson modes

First, decide how you want students to interact with your lesson. You can launch a Nearpod lesson to students using three mode options, knowing it will work in any scenario or device landscape. Click the link to learn more about each mode.

Live Participation


The teacher controls the pace of the lesson and students participate on their own devices. This can be in-person or with video conferencing for whole group instruction.




Students move through the lesson at their own pace, at any time.


Front of Class


Teacher projects a video at the front of the room, and students interact with prompts as discussion questions or by writing down their answer. Note: currently Front of Class mode is available for videos only.



Launching  your lesson

Once you decide how you'd like to launch your lesson or video, hover over it with your mouse or trackpad to see the lesson modes appear. Then, click on the mode you'd like to teach in. 


Now, your students are ready to join the lesson! Read this article to learn how they'll join.

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