Launch a Nearpod lesson, video, or activity

Launching a Nearpod lesson, video, or activity allows students to join and engage in an interactive learning experience while teachers collect insights and data on student understanding. Teachers launch Nearpods by selecting one of three delivery modes and sharing the Nearpod through a code, link, or learning management system (LMS). 

Teachers launch Nearpod lessons, videos, or activities in Live Participation mode, Student-Paced mode, or Front of Class mode. With multiple ways to deliver Nearpods teachers can:

  • Create Nearpods that engage students and collect data on student understanding in any setting in-person, hybrid, or virtual
  • Use Live Participation mode to control the pace of a Nearpod to gain insight into student understanding as they teach and guide instruction or address misconceptions in the moment for strong learning outcomes
  • Use Student-Paced mode to create asynchronous instruction through independent practice, small groups, or homework
  • Use Front of Class mode to present a video to the class and pause at built-in key instructional moments to spark discussion without the distraction of devices
  • Create multiple join codes from the same Nearpod so different student groups have their own version of lessons

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Nearpod delivery modes

First, decide how you want students to interact with your lesson. You can launch a Nearpod lesson to students using three mode options, knowing it will work in any scenario or device landscape. Click the link to learn more about each mode.

Live Participation


Live Participation allows teachers to control the pace of the Nearpod while students participate on any device in class or through video conferencing. Teachers view real-time progress and results as they teach. 




Share asynchronous lessons with students in Student-Paced mode. Students move through lessons at their own pace, any time, from anywhere. Teachers can view progress in real-time to monitor student understanding.


Front of Class


Project a video even when students aren't joining from their devices. Instead, pre-determined checks for understanding can be used as discussion prompts, or students can record their answers.


Launch your Nearpod

Once you decide how you'd like to launch your lesson or video, hover over the Nearpod lesson thumbnail with your mouse or trackpad to see the lesson modes appear.

Then, click teach. On the next option select the mode you'd like to teach in. 

new launch.jpg  new launch (1).jpg


Now, your students are ready to join the lesson! Read this article to learn how they'll join.

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