Teach in Live Participation mode with Nearpod

Live Participation mode allows teachers to control the pace of the Nearpod lesson, video, or activity while students participate on their devices in class or through video conferencing. Teachers view real-time progress and results while they teach.

Adjust instruction and address misconceptions in student understanding when teaching in Live Participation mode. With Live Participation teachers can:

  • Address student misconceptions in the moment before it sinks in and affects student outcomes
  • Use educational technology for more than student-paced lessons by creating and delivering live lessons to students

Learn more about all three lesson modes, and how to launch, in this article.

In this article, you will learn:

Launch a Nearpod in Live Participation mode

To launch a lesson, video, or activity first hover over (with your mouse or trackpad) the lesson or video in your library. Nearpod's three lesson modes will appear. Note that Front of Class mode is available with lessons that are Interactive Videos only.  Select Live Participation to generate a link or code to share with your students.


You can launch a lesson multiple times if you teach more than one group of students. Sessions continue to be available to join for 14 days. Post-session reports will are available for multiple launches. Each join code for student groups can be found as an individual folder in Nearpod Reports.


Share your Nearpod with students

Students can join a live Nearpod by entering the generated code at nearpod.com/student. Students can also join directly through a shared link. This link can be shared via email, your learning management system (LMS), Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or a variety of ways. To learn more about how students join a lesson, check out this article.

Teach your Nearpod

Once you have launched the lesson with your students, you can facilitate the lesson by using the blue arrows on the left and right sides of the screen. Your join code will remain in the top center of the screen for reference in case a student needs to join at a later time. You can always click on the code to enlarge it for easier viewing. 


Click on the people icon in the bottom right corner to pull up a roster of the students who have joined your Nearpod. A red dot will appear next to a student's name if they are not active in the lesson. 



While teaching in Live Participation mode there is also the option to preview upcoming slides, skip slides and or move to any slide in a lesson without having to click on all slides. The Slide Carousel is located in the bottom left corner. There are several nice options with this feature. 


  • Ability to move slides in groups of three via arrow click, or freeform drag throughout the slides back and forth
  • Student-paced slides highlighted in orange, when Live to Student Paced is enabled. 
  • Ability to preview slide thumbnails before sharing with class
  • Instructions for Activity slides are available in the preview. 

View responses in real-time 

During Live Participation mode, you'll see student answers to Nearpod formative assessments and activities in real-time with the Teacher View. Click on responses to enlarge them, and share out individual student responses anonymously with the whole class. Click on "Hide student names" in the bottom right corner to keep student names anonymous for students and in the Teacher View. Students names will continue to be available in the post-session report for teachers.


Review responses after the lesson

After the lesson, view student responses in the post-session reports. Learn more about Reports in this article.


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