Sharing Student-Paced lessons and videos with Nearpod

In Nearpod, you can share an asynchronous lesson with students in Student-Paced mode.  Since students move through the lesson on their own, this mode can be used to personalize instruction for individual students or small group assignments to provide differentiation with your teaching.  Students complete a lesson at their own pace, on their own time, from anywhere. Teachers can View Progress in real-time to progress monitor student work.

How to launch

To launch a lesson or video, first hover over the lesson or video in your library. The three lesson modes will appear. Select Student-Paced mode to generate a link or code to share with your students.


Now, it's time to share the lesson with your students! Check out this article to learn more about how students join a lesson.

Require student submissions


Toggle on/off the Require student submissions tab to require students to complete tasks before being able to advance to the next slide. You can learn more in this article.

Set Code expiration


Select the calendar icon to set the expiration date for assignments to last between 24 hours through 365 days.  Readjust the expiration date if needed to extend or shorten an assignment.

Monitoring student progress in a student-paced lesson

View Progress of activities to monitor student work in real-time.  If the lesson has more than one active session, select the specific lesson launched that you wish to view.


Click on the first slide to view the names of students who have signed into the lesson. Check back as frequently as you need to monitor who is in the lesson.


Use the arrow at the bottom to move through the lesson between activities quickly.


Monitor student work in each activity to track understanding and participation.



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