How students take notes with Nearpod

Nearpod's Student Notes feature allows students to take notes in a Nearpod lesson, video, or activity. Student Notes must be enabled by the teacher for students to access. When enabled students take notes during the lesson and receive their notes with a copy of the slides, videos, and activities after. 

Improve student comprehension and retention of main concepts in Nearpod lessons, videos, and activities. With Student Notes, teachers can:

  • Give students a quick and convenient method to create notes for study guides, resources when absent, or as a portfolio of work
  • Promote active learning in class and improve student organization

In this article, you'll learn:

How students take notes during a Nearpod

1. During a Live Participation or Student-Paced Nearpod, students select the Notes icon in the top right corner. They can share the Notes to themselves via email, Google Drive or OneDrive.


2. Throughout the lesson, open the Notes Navigator to type notes on a slide. This will be automatically saved and shared to the email or drive location chosen when the lesson is over.


3. After the lesson is over, go to the email or drive to access the lesson notes.  You will see all slides, media content, and interactive activities from the lesson. 

How to enable Student Notes

Student notes can be enabled in your lesson settings. 

1. Click on the avatar in the upper right corner when you're logged into your Nearpod account, then click on the option that says "Lesson Settings".


2. Once you're in your lesson settings, use the On/Off toggle to enable or disable student notes, or any other settings. This will enable or disable for all students who join your lesson. 











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