Manage shared School and District Libraries as a District Administrator

The shared School and Libraries are a common repository of Nearpod lessons, videos, and activities curated to make Nearpod supplemental content easily available to all users in a school or entire district. A shared Nearpod Library allows all Nearpod teachers or users to access the same content an administrator or users have added into a set of shared folders. 

With a shared Nearpod Library administrators can:

  • Strengthen instructional consistency and collaboration with centralized sharing of Nearpod lessons, videos, and activities
  • Drive instructional consistency with shared Nearpod lessons, videos, and activities across grade levels, subjects, PLCs, faculty meetings, whole-child initiatives, schools, and more

You can access the School and District libraries under "Manage lessons" on the grey left toolbar in your admin dashboard.

Within your district account, all users have access to lessons in:

  • The District Library
  • Their individual school's School Library


Managing School Libraries

By selecting "School Libraries" on the grey left toolbar, you will be able to access the various School Libraries within your district.

On the top of the screen, you will see "School Library" and a small blue button with three dots in the middle. This will allow you to switch between different libraries. It will also allow you to enable or disable teachers' ability to add lessons to the school library. 

In your user permissions, you can assign any teachers the access to admin rights to the School Library. This means that they are able to add folders to the library and organize the library for teachers within that site.


Managing the District Library

As a District Administrator, you can add and organize folders into the School Library and the District Library, the process for both is similar. You can also add sub-folders within any of the folders. 

Adding Folders

To add a folder, click on District Library on the grey left toolbar of the admin dashboard. Next, click on the blue “+ Add to Library” button and select New Subfolder.


A pop-up will prompt you to name the Folder.


Adding Lessons to a Folder

Once you have added a folder, you can move lessons from the District Library into the folder by selecting “Add Some” or “Add Lessons”. You can add lessons from the Nearpod Lesson Library to the Folder by clicking on the blue “+Add to Library” box to the top left of your window and selecting “Find Lessons”.


Adding lessons from the District Library to a Folder

When adding lessons from the District Library to a folder, the below pop-up will appear and will allow you to select the lessons from the District Library that you wish to add to the folder.

Click to fill the dot next to each lesson you'd like to add to the folder, then click “Add” to finish adding these lessons to your folder.


Adding lessons from the Nearpod Lesson Library to a Folder

Once you have selected "Find Lessons", you will be brought to a screen with a search box and filter. Put a topic you are seeking to find lessons for in the search box, and hit "enter" to search. You can then browse through lessons and find the best one you wish to add to the District Library folder.


Once you have selected the lesson, click on "Add lesson" at the bottom right corner of the screen. And, voila! You have added the lesson to your Subfolder!



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