Post-Session Reports for school and district administrators

Post-Session Reports allow teachers to access student responses, insights, and data from Nearpod lessons, videos, and activities when they're finished. Reports can be downloaded by teachers for their own records as a PDF or CSV. Post-Session reports from a Nearpod are viewable by whole class or an individual student. Teachers can access reports for their own Nearpod lessons, videos, and activities. However, Nearpod Administrators can access Post-Session Reports for their own lessons as well as Nearpod lessons from other teachers within that school or district license. 

With Post-Session Reports Nearpod administrators can:

  • Access data and insights from individual teacher lessons to reflect on student understanding and help their teachers apply that feedback or inform the next day's lesson
  • Share lesson insights and data with MTSS committees, intervention teachers, or other committees where data-driven decisions are made as a team

As an administrator, click on ‘Manage Nearpod’ from the Nearpod homepage this is your Admin Dashboard. From the Admin Dashboard, click on Post Session Reports under "View Usage" in the left-hand toolbar.


Once in "Post-Session Reports", you will see a list of your own post-session reports with data from lessons that you have launched. You can click and access any of your own reports by clicking on the lesson name and then the individual lesson. If you have not launched any lessons with activities, you may notice that your list is blank. This is okay - you'll see reports appear once you've launched a lesson with activities!


If you are in a District or School that utilizes Student Accounts, you can also search for a student to locate a Post Session Report. Again, simply start to type and our dropdown search will provide available options.






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